Knitting and Stitching- London

I tell you fellow bloggers and crafters, the knitting and stitching show this weekend was the event to be at. There was knitting, there was stitching. There was a crochet jungle, and a mini crammed full of sewing machines (guess the correct number jammed in there, and win a prize, folks!). It was quite great to be around so many other like-minded individuals, and let me tell you something, there were more young folks there this year than in any previous years! Crafting to the young masses! Maybe we should thank the knitting cafes that keep popping up around London for this!

Main awesome event of the day- ran into some brilliant stitchers from The Great British Sewing Bee! They must have been so busy greeting adoring fans throughout the day! Such admiration for their level of stitching! I’ve never been much of a sewer myself, but it seems to be in vogue at the moment!

I’ve come away with a few patterns, some wool, a pile of fabric, and a miscellany of ideas! I’m pumped! All I have to do now is master circular knitting needles, and the sewing machine (separately, not together!).

Hope you have an awesome week- do something new with your free time! Learn to knit- it’s awesome. I totally vouch for it.