A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

A shout out to all London followers here….

Are you a fan of afternoon tea? You should be, and I’m sure you will be now and forever more, once you check out the delectable offerings of The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party a la The Sanderson Hotel.

It’s delicate. It’s detailed. It’s delectable. And, it makes a truly wonderful gift (for all of my fellow gift-phobics, this is sure to please).

We strolled in on a brisk but lovely London afternoon. Greeted in great style, we were seated outside not too far from the outdoor heaters and the jelly bar (yes, a jelly bar, complete with whipped cream if you so desired). There was laughter and a whole lot of photographs were being snapped- this is a total must. Everything delivered to your table is thoroughly delightful and photo-worthy. Naturally, we obliged!

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

The menu is encased within an old hardcover book, the sugar cubes find a home in an old jewellery music box- I think I had the same one when I was nine, complete with twirling ballerina- and you have a choice of sweet teas (also, please note dear traditionalists that you can and should order your English breakfast tea if you so wish, or any other warm drink… I thoroughly recommend the hot chocolate. And while you’re at it, why not toss one of the pink toadstool marshmallows into its velvety depths- a fairy tale hot chocolate I have to say!). We had mini sponge cakes with clock-faces on the top, cheesecakes surrounded by white chocolate, and green tea mousse in a chocolate tea cup. (There were also sandwiches, also beautifully presented, but I was absolutely infatuated by the cakes on offer!). Carrot-shaped macaroons were presented in a bed of grass at the top of the cake-stand. (I told you there was immense attention to detail.)

The finishing touch? ‘Drink me’ potion bottles.

Are you convinced yet?- afternoon tea is the way forward my friends!