Book Review: The Miniaturist

For those of you who read my last book review post (published quite a few months ago, might I add) you may have noticed that I read a range of things. It keeps life interesting.

Sometimes I listen to recommendations and public opinion. (Sometimes! Other times, I am scrambling around through book blogs and purchasing/ borrowing a range of interesting-sounding titles. I find gems this way. I also find duds, as you can well imagine).

The Miniaturist was a public opinion pick up- everyone has been reading it. People have been talking. I was intrigued. And it was fantastic.

Chronicling the life of the young Nella sent to marry a rich trader in Amsterdam, the story very slowly unfurls, and subverts your expectations. Her life in Amsterdam is not what you would have assumed. She arrives to an unwelcoming and complicated household, and finds herself subservient to her sister in law, Marin. With a husband that is barely there, and a sister who runs the household, she consoles herself with the miniature model of the house that her husband has gifted to her. Of course, she has to furnish it with figures and people, maybe take charge of a small aspect of her new life. So she seeks out a Miniaturist. A very talented individual. A craftsman who produces almost perfect replicas of every aspect of her life. And then it becomes eerie. Her life begins to fall apart, a little at a time. One scandal after another develops, she finds ties with other families in Amsterdam are strained and diverse, she learns that everything is not as it seems. And she begins to see this reflected in her set of miniatures.

I’m loathe to reveal more- but you need to read this book. I’ve already turned a few people on to it, and honestly, it is quite a unique read.

If you’ve read and enjoyed this book, please let me know! Got any recommendations? Let me know that too- we’ll help each other out!