My Little Dream Box…

So I’ve recently signed up for one of these Little Box subscriptions. And you know what– totally adorable! Who doesn’t want to arrive home to post? Deliveries are always lovely, especially when you know goodies await.

My Little Dream Box
My Little Dream Box

Just take a look at all the cuteness contained in one little package?!

Sorry if these are considered spoilers, but I must divulge details of the contents.

I’m loving this little stamp set- all those letters I send are about to get some ink. Then there’s beauty products which are always a go- lovely tinted lip balm for my handbag (I’ve already used this a few times, lovely), body lotion(always required I think!), and a hair masque (they read my mind on this one). To top it all off, there’s a small necklace encased in that little ‘Once Upon a Dream’ packet which is really quite darling. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

So I almost did an unboxing video for you all, as per the recommendation from the lovely ladies over at The Because Show. (Did you know one of the highest YouTube earners unboxes things… records the unboxing of things… and gets paid a lot of money to do it?!) I’m sure it would have been a hit. Maybe next time.

Not into the Little Box of somethings every month? Fear not, The Telegraph has you covered with their list of the top 15 subscription boxes.