Sketching on the streets of London

Borough Market

I wish I could tell you my art was great… but it’s not. I have been told I have a distinctive style, but I don’t believe it. I think perhaps, what he was alluding to in kindness is that my style is reminiscent of that of his five-year old efforts at drawing. Full of stick figures and kind of smeared. That being said, I absolutely loved being out and about in London town and sketching the goings-on. What better place to do it than good old Borough Market?

We looked around the street, that delightful street right at the edge of the food market, where some of the cutest and most crowded pubs and restaurants reside. Have you been there? If not, you should, it’s one of the loveliest streets in that area. You can have coffee, wine, seafood, designer coffee, steak, anything your heart desires food-wise really.

The point of the lesson was to capture a general feel of the area- it was more about the immediacy of the moment, seeing everything around us, than it was about catching the exact replica of what we were seeing. It was more about creating the impression of the moment, as well as doing so in short increments of time. We had about fifteen minutes per sketch, which sounds like a lot, but it goes rather quickly!Some of these people in my class. They are good. But I won’t be discouraged! I shall persevere and enjoy the ride.

You know what though? It got me thinking; if it brings such joy, why don’t I sketch more? I guess my reasons are the same as everyone else’s really. I’m too busy. (I hate this excuse, because yes I am busy, but yes, I also managed to spend my evening the other night watching Hollyoaks (akin to a badly made horror film in my opinion) prior to the airing of The Big Bang Theory reruns. So, where are my priorities? Food for thought for the week ahead… Goals are always a good thing!