Autumnal baked goods

I love autumn, I really do. Tis the best season… bar winter. Yup, I like it cold. Coats, hats, scarves, all those lovely woolen accessories, and let’s not forget the footwear. I’ll take an over the knee boot please, leave your ballet flats at home.

Another killer reason: the food is better. Lattes become more of a necessity, I have an excuse to hit up every little cafe I see for a fix. Soups and stews for dinner? Yes please. And Mulled wine will always taste sweeter with that bite of bitter cold air a la autumn-winter time.

Autumn is also, I’ve been told, the acceptable time to break the cookies out. I’m not talking biscuits (rich teas will always be a part of the morning ritual!) I’m talking chocolate chip cookies. Biscotti. Sugar Cookies. Gingerbread. Or my best mate’s Lebkuchen (beautiful reminder of our year studying in Austria- she captures it well).

I mean, I bake cookies all the time, all year long, but I am told that the main time of year is autumn. And so, autumn wins.

Autumn Biscotti Mel's Misch Masch

In appreciation of the official cookie time of year, I have baked some pecan biscotti. The recipe is awesome. Thanks Joy the Baker, you are amazing.

I’m off consume. I will also be drinking chai tea lattes (oh yes).