Mademoiselle Privé

The Saatchi Gallery. This was my first experience, and I gotta say, despite the two and a half hour wait (I kid you not), I will definitely return again

This visit was for the Chanel exhibit.

And it was fantastiqueIMG_4071 IMG_4073 IMG_4072

A room hung with cloth, wandering through it felt so surreal, and every one in a while, you happen upon a lovely silhouette show…IMG_4046 IMG_4051

The perfume room, with giant vats of scents, opening and closing in conjunction with an orchestrated light show, all intent on hammering home that Chanel was one of the first designers to align fashion with fragrance. Now, of course, it is difficult to find a fashion house without a key scent.IMG_4056

The French Garden room… I believe structured for Lagerfeld’s key interest in French gardens and their relaxing power. IMG_4061

There was another long and beautiful hallway within the exhibition, full of couture fashions and shimmering with the diamond creations designed by Chanel herself in 1932… glistening and draping in feminine shapes- over shoulders, or the finishing touch on a waist wrap- they were mesmerising. And, of course, photographs of our generation’s greatest stars graced the walls, all of the women donning the great designer’s creations (among my faves have to be Julianne Moore and Kiera Knightley).

If I could go to shows like this every week, I’d be content. It’s wonderful to leave somewhere and remain inspired by someone’s creative spirit.

And for anyone who fancies a good read, I recommend Justine Picardie’s book Chanel: The Legend and the Life. It really is amazing how many symbols and lucky numbers are included throughout Chanel’s life and collections.