Good old Hank… Charles Bukowski


The man was prolific. Yes indeed, and I have not even read a satisfactory amount of his overall output, but I’m quite fascinated by this writer. One disappointing factor? A lot of my friends have never read him. That will be remedied, trust me.

Bukowski was quite an interesting man it would see. He came about after the beats. His prose and poetry have a rough, uncultured but totally honest tonality. He comes across, to me anyway, as a pragmatist. He wrote because he had the urge too. And later, he wrote because he was paid to.

Would you like to know more? Netflix has a documentary I would deem quite good. Bukowski: Born Into ThisOr perhaps his poetry is more your lark? If so, check out //” target=”_blank”>The Pleasures of the Damned, a fantastic selection of some of his best poems, or //” target=”_blank”>You Get So Alone at Times it Just Makes Sense. Or would you prefer some prose, if so, I’ve got you covered with //” target=”_blank”>The Most Beautiful Woman in Town. I warn you, his writing is visceral and hard. It’s not for the romantic you in a lovely mood, it’s for the you that needs some cold hard truth. It has its own beauty. It has a soul. If you prefer to hear Bukowski reading his work, log in to Spotify and run a quick search. It’s quite something to hear him relay his own writings.